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Region Val-de-Loire
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Region Bourgogne
58001 Nièvre
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We offer from basic services (just keyholding, monthly check of property) to very elaborate services. Please see the following list, which is of course limited, and can be tailored to suit your wishes:
- Reporting on regular intervals by email (checklists, photo's, (change) requests)
Normal Chateau Care
- Cleaning
- Heating mgt in winter
- Mail check
- Open mail to which authorised, scan and email to owner
- Monitor regular payment of bills (electricity, water, taxe d’habitation, taxe fonciere, etc.)
- Handling of Registered Post according to instructions
- Daily to weekly property check
- Weekly to monthly estate check
- Check heating systems with winter frost
- Keyholding, first contact for Maire
- Property check after storms (trees, branches, windows, electricity cables, bordering roads)
- Roof check after heavy rainfall or storm (check leakages in attic, fallen slate tiles, clearing gutters, etc)
- Act on alarm triggers (gendarmerie doesn’t always come)
- Sewage problems
Chateau / Outbuilding Maintenance
- Checking all waterworks (showers, baths, sinks, boilers)
- Checking electrics (lights, disconnect unused appliances
- Checking doors, windows, shutters
- Checking appliances (fridges, freezers, automatic doors/gates, alarms, etc.)
- Management of painting outside (usually every 5 years)
- Cleaning walls (moss, dirt, etc), roofs
- Spring cleaning and prepare for spring/summer (each room, ceilings, above cabinets, dry clean curtains, floor maintenance like waxing, oiling, etc)
- Fall cleaning and prepare for winter
- Moving in- or out- owner specific furniture, belongings etc before arrival, after leaving estate (summer ?)
Estate maintenance
- Regular green maintenance low greens (grass, bushes, flowers, etc)
- Yearly check on tree health / safety. Pruning
- Clearance of fallen branches, trees, etc
- Check, cleaning of ponds, lakes, etc.
- Check, repair, redo gravel paths, courtyards, etc.
Property advise
- Municipal communications (solve/forcome any problems with the local municipality)
- Check and advise on insurance coverage
- Security check (technical, burglary, etc)
Rental Services
- Rental procurement (France, Europe, Worldwide)
- Screening client (eg. actively check references)
- Check-in and -out of clients with verification property
- Verification during rental (verify contractual terms are met regarding wrong usage)
- Cleaning services between switches (usually saturdays)
- Rental income management
- Locking up/closing private areas
- Have property representative sur place when party goes on (keep an eye on the event)
When rental client desires (usually with grand property rentals), options:
- Daily cleaning services
- Catering (from local good restaurants to 3-star from Paris)
- Flower service
- Butler service
- Room maid service
- Limousine, helicopter service
- etc.